The Dutwa Project is located in Northern Tanzania and was discovered in 2008 by AFE which commenced a Bankable Feasibility Study in late 2011. In August 2013, Blackdown Resources (UK) Ltd acquired a controlling interest in the project, which the company is continuing to develop.

Key Project Parameters

The Dutwa project has a total estimated nickel laterite resource of 106.7Mt at 0.91% Ni which is a readily –accessible, open pitable resource with no significant pre-strip required and a very low waste to ore ratio of less than 0.5:1. The nature of the deposit is such that 90% of the contained nickel in the resource is in the mining inventory. Furthermore most of the geotechnical domains within the mining inventory fall into easy digging to easy ripping categories of excavatability thus keeping mining costs low with no blasting or only very low energy blasting being necessary to mine the ore.

The ores have low iron and high silica content which have been demonstrated to respond favourably to upgrading via a simple, low energy beneficiation process, and to leaching at atmospheric pressures with low acid demand.

An atmospheric Tank Leaching (AL) flow sheet is currently forecasted as being the most favourable to the overall economics and operating environment, and possesses a lower risk profile than either High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) or Heap Leaching (HL). Process costs are currently based on an average plant feed rate required to achieve a recovery equivalent to 30 000 tpa of contained nickel metal in a mixed hydroxide product (MHP).

The project is also favourably situated with respect to major road, rail and power infrastructure.

The Dutwa Project Location


  • Dutwa deposit discovered mid-2008
  • Maiden JORC resource delineated end-2008
  • JORC Resource updated 2010
  • Substantial BFS work carried out 2011/2012
  • Nickel Sulphides and Platinum Group Metals discovered beneath laterites


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