Corporate and Social Responsibility

Blackdown Resources works closely with the communities in which it operates and understands that creating and preserving good relationship with these communities is essential to the success of any mining development project.

In Tanzania, Blackdown Resources is undertaking a full environmental and social assessment of the Dutwa Project as part of a Bankable Feasibility Study. The assessment is being used to identify and engage with stakeholders in the project, to assess opportunities for local employment and to identify areas where Blackdown Resources can make a direct contribution to the sustainable development of its local community. Company commitments are clearly presented in the Environmental and Social Action Plan for the Dutwa Project.

Through its CSR Policy, Blackdown Resources is committed to:

  • Providing opportunity for employment for people from local communities and using local suppliers wherever possible;
  • Adhering to best international practice in relation to social conduct, environment, health and safety issues;
  • Continuing to identify ways that our operations can benefit our host communities;
  • Ensuring a long-term contribution to the sustainable development of local communities through a prioritised social investment programme; and
  • Being a good and responsible corporate citizen promoting sustainable development.

In December 2013, Blackdown Resources (UK) Ltd funded the construction of new housing for teachers in the village of Ngasamo

With Hon. Chief Kishosha Paul Mabiti the Regional Commissioner for Simiyu Region; Tanzania November 2013


The completed house at Ngasamo village


The community leaders joined the headmistress to receive the building (Ngasamo school) after brief indoor meeting


The village chairman

The village chairman (in full suit) joined with other leaders and some of teachers to receive the completed building at Imalamate village


CSR Commitments

Blackdown Resources believes that strong management of CSR is essential for the successful business performance. We will carry out all our operations in compliance with national and international standards. We intend to comply with the best international practices under the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the 10 Principles of the Sustainable Development Framework of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). We believe it is important not just to achieve these standards, but also to learn from these international initiatives and continuously improve our CSR performance.

  • We will continue to operate with the highest consideration for environmental priorities, protecting sensitive areas, managing water resources, minimising emissions and responding to local initiatives through our environmental management systems. We have commissioned world class independent experts to carry out the Dutwa ESIA to international standards. We will monitor our environmental performance so that we continue to identify and manage priorities, and will report openly on our performance against measureable performance indicators.
  • Our exploration and development work at Dutwa is performed sensitively to ensure we minimise the footprint of our impact, and in the Miyabi project area we are actively supporting a local initiative to protect a 300 hectare wooded nature reserve.
  • We aim to share prosperity by offering the opportunity to hire employees from local communities and strengthening local capacity through training. We are working towards full compliance with relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention. This includes initiatives such as and currently developing worker accommodation at Dutwa which meets international standards. Throughout the planning and development phases we will undertake thorough community dialogue and engagement and make social investments aligned with the development priorities of our host communities, such as education, physical infrastructure and social infrastructure projects. We fully supports the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We have supported local initiatives in education, health and combating disadvantage and poverty. Recently, we assisted with the acquisition of desks for 300 students to three primary schools near Dutwa. We continue to support the Forever Angels Baby Orphanage in Mwanza with manpower and supplies, and most recently a water filter system. We are also sponsoring a Masters student in public health to research the effects of mercury and arsenic poisoning on artisanal miners.
  • The health and safety of our staff is very important. We develop and implement health and safety guidelines, based on formal risk assessments, for all our operations. We document and implement safe working practices covering areas such as: safety at drill sites, prevention and treatment of malaria, and use of vehicles and hazardous chemicals. We will ensure that this culture of care is maintained and improved as our workforce grows during the coming years. We provide health and safety and first aid training, and regular medical check-ups, for all its workers. As part of our continuous improvement objectives we are monitoring and reporting health and safety performance, supported as required by a programme of corrective actions.


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