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Blackdown Resources (UK) Ltd is a UK registered private mineral resource company focused on holding, developing and exploring nickel and cobalt projects in Tanzania.

In August 2013, the Company acquired control of substantially all of the Tanzanian mineral assets & liabilities held within subsidiary companies of African Eagle Resources PLC (“AFE”). From 2008 until August 2013, AFE had spent in excess of US$26 million on exploration and development of the Tanzanian mineral assets. BML, through joint ventures and its various subsidiaries controls substantially all of the mineral licences pertaining to the Dutwa nickel project in the Busega and Bariadi districts of northern Tanzania.


Figure 1: Corporate Structure of the Company




UK Office & Registered Address: 1st Floor, 6-7 Queen Street, London, EC4N 1SP, UK
Phone: +44 20 7248 6059 / Fax: +44 20 7691 7745 / E-mail: info@blackdownresources.com

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